The Ultimate Guide To Gain Insta Followers & Make Bucks Easily

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Howto get free followers on instagram.

So here’s the summary:

  • Legit tips methods on how you can gain followers faster easier. (1)
  • The best sites to get free followers, sorted by quality. (2)

I - Legit tips methods to gain more followers on Instagram

The first thing you need to know is if you post regulary and decent quality posts, you’ll get followers, no matter what’s your content. I mean if you don’t like the way you look, just post about topics that you like or that you know things about (this way you’ll be able to post regulary) and put some effort it in. You’ll see that after a few weeks your account will start growing faster and faster!

To keep a reasonable ratio followers/following, you can follow loads of people and then unfollow them after they followed back. A few of them will probbaly unfollow you as well, but most will just moove and forget about it (cf social media bot at the end of the topic for more info). Also, if you want to keep your account as HQ as possible, only do that with your followers’ friends. That way, that will look legit and clean

Follow known personnalities! Some random people will start following you too weirdly, just don’t follow them back. This is completely normal to follow known people on instagram, so it will look legit af too.

Finally, hashtags are a really powerful tool to gain followers. You’ll be targetted by real users or bots, depending on what topics you # under your posts, but they will increase your followers amount anyway Pepo

II - The best websites that provide free followers likes

The websites you’ll find below are sorted by the quality of the followers they provide. Keep in mind that most of them have free plans aswell, in case you’re interested in buying some. | An easy way to get 20 likes 10 followers every 12 hours. Needs to follow other people, just unfollow them after a few days. | Fast 25 followers, only needs valid email adress (temp email works - the one that does not auto-delete spam mails - clear cache cookies ip and repeat).
Like4Like chrome extension | Fast sure thing. Add the extension, browse internet, and then use it. You like other peoples’ posts and they auto-like back.
Some other sites that work well too: | |…agram-followers |