The most reliable strollers for children

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How to choose a stroller? Every mom faces this difficult question. There are just a lot of options.

Anex - Polish manufacturer and brand of fashionable strollers, car seats for newborns, accessories. You can choose and buy Anex stroller, car seat, accessories with delivery in Ukraine in the Karapuzova children's online store.
Anex offers reliable children's
strollers Strollers Anex.

Anex stroller is a fashionable design, quality, reliability and a number of unique features. The Polish company has developed the design of Anex strollers in collaboration with Swiss craftsmen. Anex strollers offer a high level of comfort for the child and parents during long walks.

Each model of Anex stroller is thought out to the smallest detail: a spacious sleeping place, excellent ventilation, improved cushioning and lightweight frame.

Advantages of Anex strollers:

  • Safe Walk safety system,
  • safe braking system Comfy Stop with pedal,
  • system of protection against folding the frame x-Lock,
  • easy to clean textile part of the stroller Easy care,
  • placement of the cradle and the Face2Face running block,
  • wear resistance and elastic Air free
  • system prevents vibration of the wheel Anti-wobble,
  • right and left cup holders.

Baby products from the Polish company Anex are distinguished by exclusive design, high European quality, reliability and a number of unique properties.